Sailboat Requirements

Having sailed my Bombardier Invitation for 2 seasons, it became aware to me that I wasn't spending enough time on the water. This is due to several factors:
  1. Too much time required to trailer to the lake and set up.
  2. 2 people required to raise the unstayed mast.
  3. Only suitable for smaller lakes (not Lake Ontario)
Thus, my search began for my next sailboat. Features that I determined were important to me:
  1. Easily singlehanded.
  2. Overnight capability for weekends.
  3. Outboard motor (too difficult to always sail in/out of harbour).
  4. More crew-friendly than a centerboard boat.
  5. Clean deck layout.
  6. Fixed keel (no swing keel).
  7. Kept in a slip for the season.
  8. Can be rigged in 15 minutes for after-work sails.
  9. Fixed galley (no sliding galley).
Trailerability was not a requirement -- I want to be sailing, not driving!

I researched a number of boats that fit into this category, among them:

For photos and descriptions of the boats I looked at before choosing a Tanzer 22, check out my comparisons page.

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