What Happens When You're Not Ready To Launch

This winter, I stored my boat at Bronte Outer Harbour Marina. I was at the end of a row of five boats, right against the fence.

The boat directly ahead of me was supposed to go in today (April 29th), but he wasn't ready. Here's what happened.

Remember the boat on the left.

Anyone got a spare prop he can borrow?!?


Hooking up the slings.

More hooking up.

Exit... stage left!

Up we go.

Waaayyy up we go... note the fence.

Hmm, will she clear it?

Oh, good. the windshield opens!

I hope this works!

Are we ligned up right?

Lookin' good.

How to clean the keel.

Does that name describe the boat or the operator??

All clear.


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