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A new boat's like a new girlfriend, You have to....

Posted By: Dave Hord, Catalina 27, Oriental N.C.
Date: 10/2/99 9:11am
In Response To: new boat, new browser cookie :-) (Melissa Goudeseune, Tanzer 22, Lake Ontario)

....spend a lot of time getting to know what her likes and dislikes are, what she will and won't do, how to be as smooth as possible with her, learn when it's best to take her out, and when it's best to bring her home, and how to treat her when things get a little rough. If you do that properly, she'll be beautiful for you, she'll preform at her best for you most all of the time, make you proud to be with her, and give you satisfaction in many different ways. I think that's why we've always referred to sailboats in the feminine gender. Women are the beauty, grace, and tenderness of our lives, and we find the same qualities in a well designed sailboat. It's the same relationship rules, too. If you treat her Right, she'll never let you down. Best of luck with your new 'love'.

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